LemonAid – Matching student-athletes and colleges to streamline recruiting.


LemonAid is college recruiting, streamlined.An easy to use, comprehensive app to connect coaches and athletes based on mutual interest.  LemonAid makes it easy to communicate with your matches through easy-to-use, secure messaging.  Start your search.  Share your journey.  Find your perfect match.


College admissions are a painstaking (and painful) process
For student-athletes, the search for the right college can often be a frustrating one. It takes time, significant expense, and tremendous patience to sift through the overwhelming amount of information required to make an informed choice.

And when you do make that choice, communication can be frustrating, too: do you call your potential coach? Send an email?

With everything we do, we strive to improve your experience.  Weve been where you are.  LemonAid is an app.  We just happen to think college is a great place to challenge yourself.  Want to join?

Recruiting is no picnic, either.
For coaches, recruiting is often a thorn in their side. You enjoy spending time with these kids, but you’re already working long days. Who has the time and resources to identify potential stars and then initiate the conversation with each of them? At some point, you’d like to have dinner with your family.

And coaches, too, face the same communication barrier: most kids prefer social media these days. Is that the way to go? Or would they pick up the phone if you called?

LemonAid is a great conversation starter.  We are a friendly, socially designed, and easy to use.  Want to join?


LemonAid takes the guesswork out of recruiting. Just open up the app, find your matches, and swipe to indicate interest (swipe left to dismiss, right to show interest). When both parties indicate interest, you’ll be notified, and you can start a conversation right from the app itself.

No more headaches, no more guesswork. Just great coaches matched with great student athletes.

You face enough obstacles during your day. Help yourself.


For Coaches
In LemonAid, athlete profiles are populated with a Facebook login and from additional academic, social, and athletic information provided by the athlete. Powered by our patent-pending algorithm, the app will suggest matches based on parameters you provide. When you find a match that intrigues you, just swipe right to indicate interest and get the dialogue started.

Need more info before making a decision? Just touch the profile card to see more in-depth stats.

Need to filter you search?  No problem!  Don’t waste time on athletes with poor academics. Now, you’ll know what you’re getting into.


For Athletes
Like athlete profiles, college profiles are pre-populated with metrics, too: their performance at national competitions and the level of competition they face, and average test scores and GPAs that the school accepts.

Want to find a smart but small school? LemonAid makes filtering out the bad eggs easy, allowing you to focus on your top choices.

All you’ll have to worry about is what jersey number you’re going to wear next year.

From Start to Finish

LemonAid handles everything, from start to finish, so you can get back to what you do best.


LemonAid has just completed a five-school beta program. We’ve already received pre-commitments from many top-tier schools:    

In July, we release our iPhone app into the wild, with the Android app soon to follow (we expect a September release). We’ve finalized a partnership with the world’s largest swim media outlet, and we’re in the process of finalizing another huge partnership.

We’re on a roll, and we’re not about to give up the momentum.


We’re coaches, we’re athletes. 

Nate Boyle, CEO: Former CIO @IKKOS, Nate was a NCAA swimming champion at Auburn University, coached Olympic Gold Medalists, and a member of both the USA National Team as an athlete and after graduate studies in Kinesiology as the USA Performance Science and Technology Coordinator.

Eric Knight, CMO: Eric is the Sandler Sales Institute 2014 International Rookie of the Year. He’s the national sales director at paddock evacuator, and a former American record holder and national swimming champion.

Rohan Lam, CTO: Rohan is a software design and development wizard who’s worked on high-scale DB and BI systems, on the Windows kernel, and on large mobile projects for both the iOS and Android platforms.



LemonAid is college recruiting, streamlined. An easy to use, comprehensive app to connect coaches and athletes based on mutual interest. LemonAid makes it easy to communicate with your matches through easy-to-use, secure messaging. Start your search. Share your journey. Find your perfect match.
See Campaign: https://www.fundable.com/lemonaid
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