Living in the Wake of Addiction: Lessons for Courageous Caregiving

Living in the Wake of Addiction: Lessons for Courageous Caregiving

Through Living in the Wake of Addiction: Lessons for Courageous Caregiving,  Gloria Englund provides professionals and the caregivers of people with addiction disorders valuable navigation techniques through the murky waters of caregiving vs. caretaking. The “lessons” in this book offer reinforcing guidance through a compassionate, honest journey that goes well beyond a mother’s loss of her son to heroin. Her personal experience becomes compelling, weighed against her once naiveté about addiction, and the knowledge she shares now about the current medical understanding of this chronic brain disease. The timeliness of this publication is important for it is imperative now, more than ever, to move the disease of addiction from the shadows of shame and stigma into the light of awareness, understanding and acceptance. As an ally and advocate of the recovery community, Gloria’s message is clear: “People who suffer from substance use disorders deserve the same medical treatment and compassion as does anyone suffering from a chronic illness. Lives depend on it.”

Much more than a memoir, Living in the Wake of Addiction demystifies addiction, offers hope for recovery, and serves as a guide for families and individuals seeking support on this journey.
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