NOT PHILLIP AND I: Sylvia returns home as most broken hearts do to find themselves again, and to try to heal



Film making is an extrememly collabrative process, and I have had the good fortune to work in many departments on projects I have been part of in the past.  I am an Actor/Writer/Producer with a ton of energy and love, to give. Given film’s collabrative nature, sometimes you feel that you your vision or your passion gets lost in the mix. To get right down to it, I was feeling stuck with my acting career, and I didn’t want to wait for a role to present itself. Dispite the fact that I give 100% to my career, I just wasn’t seeing great opportunities. I know this is a common problem in the entertainment industry, in every area, so I decided to embrace the process as so many others have, from conception to completion.  With this film, I co-wrote the script, with Nalini Sharma, then produced and created the art direction, I also co-directed with Kristine Kennedy. Pre production and production were very challenging but we all got through it together. I have funded the project 100% with my own money up till this point, but now I need to rely on the community to join with me to finish the job.


Everyone has a way of dealing with grief. As does Sylvia, who has just lost her beloved pet. She is down on her luck, exhausted from failed dreams and a string of broken relationships. She returns home as most broken hearts do to find themselves again, and to try to heal. But she soon realizes that even her own home is slipping away from her. She finds some old family footage of a time when things were easier, which causes her to handle her current situation in a slightly different way than she had imagined.


We plan to use Seed & Spark as on of our platforms to provide access to our shot film. We also have a plan for festival submissions.

We will submit to many festivals, both in the US and in Europe.

Dealing with loss, Sylvia returns home to her family to heal. Upon the discovery that she has been displaced, her healing process is interrupted, and she finds herself losing her grip and embracing her eccentricities.
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Stacey Shevlin

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